A small, local web development cooperative

Leveler is a new worker-owned web development coop based in Western Massachusetts.

We're just getting started, so we're pretty excited!

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What we do

We build custom websites and web applications. We handle the entire process of design, programming, deployment, and maintenance. We can even help write a little copy if you need.

What we don't do

We don't work with Wordpress, Squarespace, or other one-size-fits-all solutions. These can be really powerful, flexible tools, but they just don't fit our workflow. Instead of shopping for plugins and wrestling with theme configuration, we prefer to just listen to your requirements and build something custom. You get a site that does exactly what you need and nothing extra.

What we're about

Forming a cooperative is a pretty idealistic move, but we don’t have illusions of grandeur. We’re doing this because we love building things, and we want to structure our lives so that we can spend our time building things we feel good about.

In short:

  • We’re anticapitalists
  • We think cooperatives are nice
  • We don’t think cooperatives will overturn capitalism (certainly not on their own)

We’re forming this cooperative to provide ourselves jobs that we, as anticapitalists, can feel pretty good about. We need money to live, and we think this coop will allow us to earn a living building nice things for nice people.

How we work

For now, we offer three different price points.

  • Static sites are typically $1000 to build, and $50/month after that to manage your hosting and custom domain name. We'll build something beautiful and unique that fits your aesthetic. Static sites have no backend for you to log into and make changes, but it's usually no big deal to include a form to sign up for your newsletter. If you want to make little changes to the copy from time to time, just email us and we'll happily paste in your changes as part of our maintenance duties. If you have more frequent or significant changes, it might make sense to look at a Dynamic site.
  • Dynamic sites come with a backend where you can log in and edit your content. They're a good fit for blogs or publications, but they're not limited to "Posts" and "Pages." Your site might be structured like a portfolio with projects and categories, or maybe you've got a venue and you need pages for upcoming calendar events. Your backend will be custom built for your use case, with no extra buttons or menus that you need to learn to ignore.
    • Dynamic sites can vary a lot in complexity, but in general we charge around $2000-$5000 to build them, and $100/month to host and maintain them. If you need a simple blog, or a few pages where you sell one or two products, it's likely we'll quote you at the lower end of the spectrum. If you need a whole web store or discussion forum, or have a complicated content structure, your project might fall on the higher end.
  • In many cases, we can also build custom applications to handle complex business logic. We've built inventory management software, customer relationship management software, and integrations between services. We get a lot of satisfaction out of this kind of work, so definitely get in touch if you're interested in a quote.

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