leveler.xyzLet's build something

What we're about

Forming a cooperative is a pretty idealistic move, but we don’t have illusions of grandeur. We’re doing this because we love building things, and we want to structure our lives so that we can spend our time building things we feel good about.

In short:

  • We’re anticapitalists
  • We think cooperatives are nice
  • We don’t think cooperatives will overturn capitalism (certainly not on their own)

We’re forming this cooperative to provide ourselves jobs that we, as anticapitalists, can feel pretty good about. We need money to live, and we think this coop will allow us to earn a living building nice things for nice people.

Who we are

So far we're a team of two!



Jacob (he/him) is a neuroscience/MCAT tutor, former clincial researcher, and self-taught programmer. When he’s not teaching or coding, he likes foraging for mushrooms on a hike, rock climbing, or playing video games with friends.



Brendan (he/him) is a self-taught programmer, database admin, and cook. When he's not writing code or working in the restaurant, he likes reading, playing chess and Magic, and spending time with his buddies.